KinSnap Partners With Meaningful Ageing Australia

KinSnap is partnering with Meaningful Ageing Australia, the Australian national peak body for spiritual care and ageing whose work is focused on meaning, purpose and connectedness in the lives of older people.

Meaningful Ageing Australia is a registered charity, supporting organisations and groups from all backgrounds to respond to the emotional and spiritual needs of older people, their significant others, and their carers.

With COVID-19 putting our communities at risk, the partnership will aim to help older people and their loved ones to communicate and build stronger bonds in aged care homes and beyond.

Currently in use by a selected group of Meaningful Ageing member organisations, we are now providing an opportunity for more older people to benefit from the connections KinSnap makes possible.

Aged care services can access KinSnap via Meaningful Ageing Australia by filling in the expression of interest here.

An effortless tool to boost value and promote interactions between your team, residents and their families