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If your family is already subscribed: you will need to sign up on the website or via the app. When asked, just use your KinSnap Family Key to link your account to your family. If you received an invitation email, just click on the link to finalise your account.

Your family isn’t subscribed: choose a plan on the website and start filling your information.

You can do it once you are logged in to the website or from the mobile app. To invite your relatives in the web app, click on ‘invite relative’ below your family profile. In the mobile KinSnap app, simply click on ‘invite’ in the left menu.

Have you tried resetting your password? If that doesn’t work send us an email at info@kinsnap.family and we will help you as soon as possible.

KinSnap is about inclusion. When we say family, we mean the people you love and you care about.

You can invite your relatives by sharing your Family Key or send them an invite by clicking on ‘Invite’ in the mobile app menu.

The Family Key is the unique code that will allow your relatives to join your KinSnap private space. Share it only to the people you wish to join you kin KinSnap! Your Family Key will be shared with you via email. You can also find it in your family profile page.
The Family code (or key) isn’t your password!

Go in the login screen and click on ‘Join my family’. Alternatively you can click on Join my family on the website.

Choose a plan on the website and start filling your details. After your account is created, you can start inviting your loved ones to participate in your gazette.

You can pay your subscription with any debit or credit cards, we use Stripe to handle payments securely, we don’t hold any of your banking information.

You can do it anytime. Just log in to the webapp and go to the Piggy Bank section. You will need to be the account manager to update your details.

You need to be your family account manager to unsubscribe from KinSnap. Login through the web application, go to Piggy Bank and click on ‘Unsubscribe’.

The family account manager is the person in charge of your account. That would usually be the initiator of the subscription. Your family account manager can update payment details, update the gazette delivery address and resign the subscription.

The gazette is your family newspaper generated from the content shared on KinSnap. It will be periodically created with an automatic layout, on a A4 format with large pictures for easy reading.

The person specified as recipient will get the gazette by Post. You can check it on your family profile.

You will get a free copy of each gazette on a pdf format. The gazettes are available for download in the Gazette section in the mobile and web app. You will receive an email as soon as a gazette is generated.

The gazettes are generated automatically after your deadline at midnight, it will take a maximum of 2 business day to print it and mail it.

If your loved one hasn’t received the gazette two weeks after it got generated just send us an email and we will re-send it.

We only use PEFC certified paper for our prints. The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification. It is considered the certification system of choice for small forest owners.

You can share images, 300 characters text and smileys.

You can edit or delete every post you create, just click on the pen icon at the right top of your post.

By deselecting Visible to Family you can hide your post from the rest of your family, it will only be shown in the gazette. Visible to family is turned on by default.

Depending on which plan your family is subscribed to, monthly of fortnightly, you will have respectively 4 weeks or 2 weeks to share your posts. You can check which plan your family is on in the Piggy Bank section.

If your family reaches its subscription post limit you will still be able to share posts, they will be included in the next gazette.

Yes, quitting your family will delete your account. To do so, you will need to be logged in the webapp in your profile section.

We welcome all feedback and are always keen to hear from our subscribers. To provide feedback on your KinSnap or report an error, please email info@kinsnap.family.

We don’t sell any of your data to third parties, we believe your data should belong to you.

We are using use instance-level encrypted file systems. In addition, all your data are hosted on secured servers situated in Australia.

Your family space is no place for adds! You will never be bogged by any vendors.