Our story

Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.

KinSnap started as a side project by housemates Kees and Antoine, back in early 2019. Having wide-spread families all over Australia and Europe they found Intergenerational communication quite challenging and decided to recreate their somewhat ‘loosened’ thread of life.

Despite a multitude of tools and social platforms used by their relatives, the two friends were not satisfied with the solutions available. First, due to everyone’s preferences, they had a hard time bringing their loved ones within one communication channel. Second, regardless of the app used, actually none made it easier for non-tech savvy people to be up to date with what’s going on with their family.

Who we are

We are a dynamic team passionate about developing technology and creating social impact.

Kinsnap is located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and we are proud and fortunate to be part of loving, however geographically separated, families.

We are determined to solve engagement issues using a mix of modern technology and traditional communication mediums. The importance of privacy within family communications is a key priority for us as Kinsnap will never sell data to 3rd parties, as larger platforms do, because our revenue model doesn’t require this additional funding.

Our motto is to bring families together, one story at a time. With KinSnap, keeping in touch with loved ones becomes easier. With a digital application for some and a paper diary for others, we are trying to brighten the generation bond with a suitable medium for all.

What we do

Bringing families together, one story at a time.

A different service for a special purpose – KinSnap creates a private space for the most important people in your life to keep the intergeneration bond intact.

Contrary to centralised social platforms, KinSnap opens the potential for intimacy and closeness, regardless of location and social media preference.
The content shared by the family is printed onto a specifically designed diary and delivered by mail; a satisfying solution for seniors to have something tangible which they can read when it suits.

Receiving the KinSnap gazette is like getting postcards, where each post is a story of one’s daily life.

Do you work in aged care?

Bring joy to exchanges between your residents, their families and your teams, to boost your service quality and strengthen your team.

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