The Family Journal For Your

Grandparents’ Happiness

Share your stories in a few clicks. Every month, KinSnap automatically formats & posts a personalised paper journal to your older loved ones.

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How it works?

1. You Share

Stories, anecdotes and photos… All can be shared in just a few clicks with the app on mobile or computer.

You won’t miss anything with your family newsfeed and your content is only visible by your chosen ones!

2. We Print

KinSnap takes all the stories and photos shared by your family and automatically formats & prints a personnalised journal.

3. We Deliver

Your beautiful journal is delivered every month by the post straight to your older loved ones!

Your older loved ones will feel included and loved.

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Our priority,

Your privacy

KinSnap is not a place for strangers and advertisers, we know how important privacy and security are to you.

Unlike big social media platforms, NONE of your data is accessible to the public or to third parties.